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            welcome to Xiangyang Heng de Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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            Xiangyang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

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            Hengde Xiangyang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. is a design and manufacture of aluminum alloy car wheels of professional firms, with import and export rights, in

            2008 put into operation. The company is located in Hi-tech Zone Xiangfan Automobile Industry Park, an area of 90,000 9.8 acres, a project has been completed and 12 000 level

            Meters of standard industrial plant, with the annual output of 80,000 00 000 passenger wheel production capacity.

            Company employees more than 2 5 6, key employees have more than seven years of professional work experience, with the 32 professional quality management and testing

            Personnel, professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 36% of the total employees.

            The adoption of the current industry of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, more than 0 meter four sets, which are CNC lathes and machining centers abroad

            Imported equipment. Carry out domestic companies and related universities, research institutions and research cooperation, in order to ensure quality and new product development speed


            The company hired US certification bodies corporate were ISO / TS 1 6 9 4 9 quality management system certification, the companies are committed to the product warranty period of two years.

            Addition to the company to carry out the central and southern China's automobile company with the test, the expansion of overseas markets, and the Middle East, North Africa, South America and other regions of passengers

            Carried out the extensive cooperation, in addition, will continue to expand and extend the scope of the market.

            The company has more than 1 8 0 kinds of products, according to market needs timely development of new products, Developed 1 0-1 5 kinds of new products every month, if the custom

            Product, its development cycle is not more than 1 month.

            The company is "Hang on integrity, DELHI world" business philosophy, and our customers to seek development, create brilliant.

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