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            welcome to Xiangyang Heng de Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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            Company profile

            Xiangyang Hengde Auto Parts Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, specializes in designing and producing auto alloy wheel. Our company is located in Xiangyang which was named the city of auto industry. The area of our factory is 66000 square meter, and the capacity is eight hundred thousand pieces every year..

            Our company possesses advanced producing facility and testing machines, devotes ourselves in developing new products and promotes 10 or 20 new models. We produce wheels strictly to ISO/TS16949 quality control system, the performance accords with Japanese VIA/VIA standard.

            Our products are very popular in our current market, such as Japan,Korea,France,Germany,Iran,Egypt, and India and so on.

            “Run business by integrity, invigorate the world by morality” is our management philosophy, we hope for fast progress and great future with our customers.

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